Employment Audits


We make it easy to detect and remedy any potential violations in your company.

Our attorneys can complete employment audits quickly and effectively, thanks to our experience, dedication, and protocols. JacksonWhite’s employment audits will identify ways that your company can avoid litigation, and it can stand as your company’s defense if any claims are brought against you. Keep in mind that the cost of an audit will be significantly less than that of a lawsuit.

Labor & Employment Audits in Mesa, Arizona

When conducting an employment audit, the labor and employment law team at JacksonWhite evaluates a company’s procedures, wages, benefits, human resources policies, and disciplinary matters. With each audit, our attorneys intend to ensure:

  • The company is complying with all state and federal laws and regulations
  • Employees are appropriately informed of company policies and procedures
  • Supervisors receive the proper training for dealing with workplace issues and concerns
  • The company is abiding by Fair Employment Practices

What Prompts a Workplace Inspection by the Department of Labor or IRS?

Oftentimes it’s just a standard inspection, but most frequently a Department of Labor inspection is initiated after a complaint is filed. It’s important to take any kind of inspection seriously, and to call an employment lawyer to take a look at your workplace, and prepare you for the inspection. Inspector’s are looking for violations of the law including unpaid overtime & issues with workers comp insurance or wrongly classified employees.


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