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Estate Litigation Services in Arizona

Our Clients include individual family members, heirs and beneficiaries of a decedent, private and professional fiduciaries, and other constituents interested in the estate of a decedent. We represent both Petitioners and Respondents in estate litigation matters.

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Estate & Trust Litigation Services

Will Contests

A would-be heir or beneficiary can challenge the validity of a will for many reasons. A will is typically contested if it doesn’t fulfill certain legal requirements or the maker of the will was not of age or sound mind. Challenging a will is a complicated task requiring help from an experienced attorney.

Estate Litigation

Estate Disputes often arise when issues come to light regarding the estate’s personal representative, heirs, or the interpretation of a will. If your loved one’s assets are in danger of being misappropriated, or if his or her personal representative is unable to manage the estate, contact us right away.

Trust Litigation

Oftentimes trust disputes arise when a trust was created or changed illegally or unfairly, or that a trust has been intentionally or unintentionally mismanaged. If you feel that the value of your loved one’s estate is suffering as a result of mismanagement on behalf of the trustee, let us help.

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At JacksonWhite, we take pride in having skilled estate litigation attorneys, with over 30 years of experience. We have extensive expertise in litigating issues regarding will contests, estate disputes, and trust litigation. Through out the years, JacksonWhite has been known to be a trustworthy source for our clients because of the honest and straight-forward attitude in dealing with legal issues. Our dedication to justice is evident in the many successful cases we have won for our estate litigation clients.

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