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Arizona Speeding and Other Traffic Violations

In Arizona, there are two categories of traffic violations. The first are civil traffic violations, where there is no chance of serving jail time. The second are criminal traffic violations, in which case the fines, penalties, and jail time vary according to city, county, and judge.

Types of Traffic Violations:

Civil Speeding

Excessive Speeding

Racing on Highway

Reckless Driving

Aggressive Driving


Traffic Violation Point System

Violation Points
Extreme DUI 8
Reckless Driving 8
Aggressive Driving 8
Leaving the scene of accident, hit-and-run 6
Failure to stop for a traffic signal, stop sign or to yield the right-of-way causing death 6
Failure to stop for a traffic signal, stop sign or to yield the right-of-way causing serious injury 4
Speeding 3
Driving over or parking in a gore area 3
All other moving violations 2


If you accumulate 8 points within a 12 month period you can face the following punishments:

  • Have their license suspended for not more than 1 year
  • Or may be required to attend a traffic education and training course.

If you’ve received a citation in Arizona, or been arrested for any of the offenses listed above, you’ll want the help of an experienced Phoenix speeding violation attorney. Call (480) 467-4370 to schedule a FREE consultation with AZ criminal defense lawyer, Jeremy Geigle.

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