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If you have been hurt and are looking for an injury law firm in the Phoenix metro area, the experienced, committed and compassionate injury lawyers of JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law will tirelessly fight for your rights and see that you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

Superior Legal Injury Care in Phoenix & Mesa, Arizona

Injuries make people feel vulnerable, weak and overwhelmed. There are hospital visits, possible surgeries, lost work time, and sometimes the inability to even do the most basic daily tasks. It can be frustrating, frightening, and depressing. But you can feel safe in turning your legal care over to the attorneys at JacksonWhite.

Your Well-Being is Our Priority

At JacksonWhite, we’ll fight for your rights and do everything in our power to make things as easy as possible for you. If your injury prevents you from traveling, we’ll come to you. We don’t get paid a cent until you receive compensation for your injuries.

Common Injury Types in Arizona

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Why Choose JacksonWhite as Your Injury Law Firm?

We handle a wide variety of accident and injury cases, from car accidents to wrongful death suits:

Jared Everton also works with Arizona residents seeking Social Security disability benefits. If you’re looking to qualify for SSD benefits, learn more about our Social Security disability benefits practice.

If you want individualized attention and superior counsel from your personal injury law firm, call JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law and let us fight for you.

The East Valley’s Premier Personal Injury Firm

Whether you’ve been injured at work, at home or on someone’s private property, Phoenix personal injury attorney Jared Everton can get you the compensation your deserve. When you put Jared’s experience on your side, you have an excellent opportunity to get the results you want when it comes to your accident or injury.

JacksonWhite’s main locations in Mesa – and satellite offices throughout the Valley, including in Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria and Scottsdale – allow our firm to offer affordable legal counsel to people all over the Phoenix area. Even if your injury has made you unable to visit our office, you can still meet with our attorneys in person to review your case.

Call Jared Everton today at (480) 467-4349 for your personal injury consultation.


Arizona Personal Injury Resources

JacksonWhite Law is a full-service firm. In addition to personal injury, we also offer services in family law, criminal defense, intellectual property, elder care and other areas of law. Learn more about our firm here.

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