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$1.25 Million




  • Senior couple injured in an automobile
    accident by a drunk driver.
  • Mother of three injured in a car accident.
  • Client who suffered multiple serious
    injuries due to car accident.
  • 74-year-old retired farmer who developed
    decubitus ulcers (bed sores).





  • 60-year-old woman injured by a man
    running a red light.
  • Elderly client who sustained soft tissue
    injuries in car accident.
  • Family injured when hit by another driver
    on the freeway.
  • Woman who suffered a closed fracture sacrum;
    insurance company wouldn’t settle.




$1.2 Million

  • 19-year-old involved in a serious
    car accident.
  • Victim who suffered knee injury in
    car accident.
  • Victim in car accident with disputed
    fault and $40,000 in medical costs.
  • Wrongful death of a child caused by
    negligent driving.
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Car Accident Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are traumatic, but getting help shouldn’t be. With 116,609 total car crashes reported in Arizona for 2015, and 147 car accident injuries occurring daily, it’s safe to say car accidents are dangerously common in Arizona.

Our Mesa, Arizona car accident lawyers understand that auto accidents will have a lasting impact on your life. That’s why we offer our clients all of our personal resources, time, and the energy needed to fully investigate and research your car accident claim.

The most common manner of car accidents in Arizona is rear ending another driver, which often leads to medical bills from visiting chiropractors and other pain specialists. Of the 116,609 auto accidents reported in AZ annually, nearly half of the accidents, about 53,554 result in injuries for the victims. You can ask anyone else who has been injured in a car accident, the road to recovery can be long and frustrating.

At JacksonWhite, our Arizona car accident lawyers take the burden away from you, so that you can focus on what matters most: getting better and moving forward. To accident attorney Jared Everton, clients are more than just cases. It’s the reason why more people in the East Valley of the Phoenix metro area choose JacksonWhite’s personal injury law team when they’ve been in a car accident.

If you have been in a car wreck in Arizona, you can receive compensation for the following including: car repair, car rental, diminution of value, loss of wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent injuries, scars, future health care, and even damage to a spousal relationship.

Unfortunately, coming up with a dollar amount for all of these damages can be a complicated affair. And too many times, both sides can’t agree on a fair compensation amount, which is why a premier Arizona car accident attorney is so crucial to your case.

To learn more about how we can help you with car accidents in Mesa and Phoenix, call our office at 480-467-4349 to schedule your free case review.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Motorcyclists are often and unfortunately prejudged as reckless individuals, which leads to them taking an unfair amount of the blame when they’re involved in an auto accident. That’s why it’s so important to hire an attorney if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and have sustained serious injuries.

The typical medical bill associated with motorcycle accidents in Arizona are not going to be cheap, and it’s vital that the other party involved pays their fair share of the amount due to their involvement.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Mesa or Phoenix, we invite you to call personal injury attorney Jared Everton today for a free private consultation.

Get the Help You Deserve in a Motorcycle Accident

At JacksonWhite Law, we understand the obstacles facing you after a motorcycle accident, so we take every step to make it an easier, effortless process.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to another driver’s negligence or recklessness, you may be able to receive compensation for various damages sustained from the accident.

These damages can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Damage to your motorcycle or other property
  • Pain and suffering

While your medical bills may be easy to put a price on, damage to property, loss of wages and emotional suffering isn’t so cut and dry. And when you need to get the most from your case, consulting with an attorney well-versed in motorcycle law is the only way to reach the full potential of your compensation.

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can lead to debilitating fractures, a lot of lost wages, and missed opportunities at work. None of that should be taken lightly, and the Arizona personal injury team at JacksonWhite Law knows exactly that: we are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to motorcycles and riders in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix metro area.

If you have a legitimate accident case, it’s likely to be complex, requiring you to clearly show that the injuries you sustained were the result of negligence, and that your injuries were also legitimate.

With the right legal team, you can prove your case, minimize the financial impact of the accident and get the compensation you deserve. When you’re ready to move forward, we’re here to help.

To see how we can help you recover damages after a motorcycle accident, call 480-467-4349 to learn more about your legal options.

"While recovering from my injuries it was a huge help to feel safe in turning my legal care over to JacksonWhite so I could concentrate on my recovery. My legal team had my best interest at heart and did their job with skill and compassion."

L.Y., Phoenix

"Jared E. Everton did an excellent job at informing me of any changes and was aggressive at fighting to protect my legal rights."

G.B., Mesa

"I had been trying for eight months to receive payment from my insurance company after my husband was killed in an accident. I called your firm and set up an appointment with Jared E. Everton. He had a check for me within three weeks. It's bad enough dealing with the unexpected loss. I needed someone on my side. Your firm was there for me."

O.W., Phoenix

"I greatly appreciate the amount of time and effort Jared put into my case, based purely upon faith in the outcome of success. I feel as though a massive weight has been lifted from my chest. I can honestly say, I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me."

K.P., Apache Junction

"I loved the expertise, patience, understanding, wisdom and kindness of attorney Jared Everton and his team. Thank you Jared!"

P.R., Sedona

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Get the Help You Deserve with Mesa Injury Lawyer Jared Everton.

There are few times in life that are more challenging than a serious accident or injury. The stress of financial, medical, professional and emotional concerns can often be just as overwhelming as the accident or injury itself.

For those who’ve experienced such an accident, the justice system can’t completely take away the burden you’ve endured. But it can help get you the financial compensation you deserve because of your loss.

Learn more: Arizona Personal Injury Statutes of Limitations

Let’s Work Toward a Brighter Future

At JacksonWhite, we’d like to help shoulder the burden of your accident. Though we can’t take away the pain you’ve endured, we can make the legal process as positive as possible. Our personal injury team, led by attorney Jared Everton, is committed to making sure all our clients are given the respect, attention and resources they deserve.

That’s why we work with clients and cases that are more likely to have successful outcomes. Our high client satisfaction rate proves that we provide only the highest level of service to our clients.

Jared Everton has helped thousands of families and individuals in Mesa, Arizona and the Phoenix metro area receive fair and just compensation for the injuries they’ve endured. If you’ve been injured because of negligence, we can help you, too.

For your free consultation, call Jared’s office today. You’ll receive a free, no-obligation review of your case, and Jared will offer a clear breakdown of your legal paths.

After your initial discussion, you’ll have a better idea of the strength of your potential injury claim.

Call 480-467-4349 to schedule your free case consultation today.

The No-Risk Way to Get Compensation for Your Injury

At JacksonWhite, we work with our injury clients on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t have to pay for our services until your case is won.

There’s absolutely no risk to pursue your injury case. When you schedule a free consultation, Jared will help you understand more about your case’s potential, and if you move forward with Jared, you’ll only pay when your case is won.

This gives our clients the best chance of financial success and recovery after an accident, and it allows us to work with those clients who have strong injury cases. Jared is committed to helping individuals and families after a traumatic life change, and this is just one more way we help our clients on the path to personal recovery.

The East Valley’s Premier Injury Firm

Whether you’ve been injured at work, at home or on someone’s private property, Arizona injury attorney Jared Everton can help get the legal results you desire.

With Jared’s experience and assertive legal approach on your side, you have excellent chances of success in court. When you’re ready to see how we can help you, call 480-467-4349 to schedule your injury consultation.

JacksonWhite’s main location in Mesa – and satellite office in Peoria, Arizona – allows our firm to offer affordable legal counsel to people all over the Phoenix metro area. Even if your injury has made you unable to visit our office, you can still meet with our attorneys at your convenience to review your case.

Discover How We Can Help You Today

For more than ten years, Jared Everton has been helping Arizonans receive fair and proper compensation for the injuries and accidents.

His exhaustive knowledge of injury law in Arizona allows him to help clients with all types of injuries, and his results speak for themselves.

Some of Jared’s recent compensations include:

  • $300,000 for a client who developed bed sores at a local hospital
  • $215,000 for a client injured in a car accident
  • $1.25 million for a senior couple injured by a drunk driver
  • $70,000 for a client rear-ended at high speed

Click here to read client testimonials and learn why our clients are so consistently satisfied with Jared’s services.

Your Well-Being is Our Priority

At JacksonWhite, we understand the emotional, medical and legal implications of going through an accident. Injuries make people feel vulnerable, weak and overwhelmed.

Hospital visits, possible surgeries, lost work time and the loss of abilities are all frustrating. The team at JacksonWhite can help alleviate these frustrations by making your legal path as clear as possible.

When you turn your legal care over to the attorneys at JacksonWhite Law, your case is given the time, attention, research and strategy it needs to maximize your appropriate compensation.

Superior Injury Care in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona

At every stage of your case, we’re available to answer questions, provide guidance and offer support when it matters most.

The Mesa accident attorneys of JacksonWhite Law take every effort to make things as easy as possible for our clients. If your injury prevents you from traveling, we’ll come to you.

Consultations are available over the phone or in our Mesa-based office, so no matter where you’re at in the Phoenix metro area – or Arizona – we can help with your injury or accident case.

Call us at 480-467-4349 to learn more about how we can help with your injury or accident case.

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