Service Dog Bites

A service dog is any canine trained to assist someone with a disability, including mobility impairment, mental illness, and visual or hearing impairments. They’re taught to react in a specific way to assist the disabled person when necessary. A service ...
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How to Protect Your Pet from Harm, Negligence, and Abuse

Pets are more than just animals we keep around our homes and properties. Pets and livestock are members of our families and deserve protection from the reckless or unintentional harmful actions of other people. Thankfully, compassionate lawmakers and activists do ...
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Dealing with Insurance for a Totaled Car

With over 2.4 million registered cars in the state of Arizona and an average of well over 120,000 accidents occurring each year, it is important to be prepared for an accident and to have good insurance. Being prepared and insured ...
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What You Need to Know When Suing After an Accident 

With almost 16,000 car accidents occurring across the United States each day there are roughly two million drivers who will experience a permanent and often debilitating injury as the victim of a car accident. In addition to the costly damage ...
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What to do After a Minor Car Accident in Arizona

Each year, millions of auto accidents occur throughout the United States and cause more than 33,700 deaths and $871 billion in damages and fees. According to the National Highway and Transportation Administration (NHTSA) there are approximately 15,913 accidents occurring every ...
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