Boating Accident Statistics in Arizona

Each year, Arizona experiences an average of 107 boating accidents, according to the 2019 Recreational Boating Statistics. The most common causes of boating accidents include operator distraction and inattention. Excessive speed, operator inexperience, machinery failure, alcohol use, poor weather conditions, ...
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Arizona’s Boating Accident Laws

Arizona’s scenic lakes are the perfect place to go to beat the heat and engage in recreational activities, such as boating. To keep boaters safe on the water, Arizona enforces a number of essential laws and regulations. No one under ...
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What to Do After a Car Accident When Not at Fault

There are an estimated six million car accidents in the U.S. each year. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, about 1.35 million people die in vehicle crashes each year and approximately 20 to 50 million suffer non-fatal ...
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What You Need to Know About Service Dog Bites

A service dog is any canine trained to assist someone with a disability, including mobility impairment, mental illness, and visual or hearing impairments. They’re taught to react in a specific way to assist the disabled person when necessary. A service ...
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How to Protect Your Pet from Harm, Negligence, and Abuse

Pets are more than just animals we keep around our homes and properties. Pets and livestock are members of our families and deserve protection from the reckless or unintentional harmful actions of other people. Thankfully, compassionate lawmakers and activists do ...
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