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Attorneys at JacksonWhite have extensive experience representing property owners in all phases of Arizona eminent domain.  We frequently advise clients regarding impacts from public projects, pre-condemnation planning, challenging the government’s right to take, valuation, damages and representation throughout trial.  Our experience with valuation also extends to helping individuals appeal property taxes in Arizona, and to business and asset valuations to be used in probate, bankruptcy, tax or other settings.

Clients also turn to us when the government has deprived them of the full use and enjoyment of their property.  We advise clients in these situations as to whether inverse condemnation might protect them from an uncompensated government taking, and we then guide them through every step of the action against the government.  Whether the government taking was physical or regulatory, partial or full, we strive to make sure our clients’ rights are protected.

Our experience also extends to land use law and land use litigation.  Clients considering certain real estate transactions consult with us about zoning restrictions and legislation that can limit Arizona property rights.  We also advise clients regarding rezoning, variances, use permits, and planning issues.  And when conflict impedes progress, our Arizona land use attorneys have the trial skills necessary to bring clients successful resolution in court.

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