Criminal Speeding in Arizona: Tickets, Laws and Penalties

A criminal speeding ticket may be more serious than you think.


In Arizona, criminal speeding occurs when a driver is going more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, or when a driver exceeds 85 miles per hour anywhere in the state.

Speeding may seem like a minor violation, when compared to something like a DUI, but in the state of Arizona, excessive speeding can be a misdemeanor crime, making it a serious yet common criminal offenses.

With penalties of up to 30 days in jail and up to $500 in fines, criminal speeding in Arizona is more than just a traffic citation, it’s something that can affect your personal life and finances for longer than expected.

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Arizona Speeding Laws

In the state of Arizona, speeding citations are classified as being in one of two categories: civil speeding violations or criminal speeding. Most cases of minor speeding are civil speeding violations.

However, criminal speeding tickets can be issued in these common cases:

  • When a driver exceeds 85 mph anywhere in the state
  • When a driver exceeds 35 mph while near a school crossing
  • When a driver exceeds a posted speed limit by 20 mph in a business or residential area
  • When a driver exceeds 45 mph when no speed is posted in a business or residential area

If you’ve been pulled over during any one or more of these situations, you could face criminal speeding charges that can affect your ability to drive, and if you have more than one criminal speeding charge, the penalties can be even greater.

Additionally, you can be charged with other offenses, like reckless driving, while also being charged with driving excessively over the speed limit.

Felony Speeding in Arizona

Excessive speeding in Arizona can be a class 3 misdemeanor, but criminal speeding alone is not a felony. If there are other offenses involve, like a DUI, then that may result in felony charges. But in the state of Arizona, there is technically no felony speeding.

Read A.R.S §28-701.02 to learn more about excessive speeding.

Penalties for Criminal Speeding in Arizona

As a class 3 misdemeanor, criminal speeding carries up to 30 days and jail and up to $500 in fines. But the penalties don’t end there. If you were arrested during the traffic stop, you’ll have to pay to have your car retrieved from where it was towed, and there may be other surcharges involved.

The Motor Vehicle Department adds three points for a criminal speeding ticket, and when if you get more than 13 points in one year, your license can be suspended. The more points you collect in a year, the greater the suspensions you face.

Additionally, your car insurance provider could increase your premiums, meaning you’ll pay more for the same coverage. These increases often last months or years, so you could be paying for your speeding ticket for much longer than you thought.

Considering these punishments, a criminal speeding ticket can be costly.

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