New Year, New AZ DUI Law

New Year’s is almost here, and soon the new AZ DUI law (SB1200) will go into effect. Beginning Dec. 31, there will be some changes to the ways in which DUI charges are handled in Arizona. First of all, municipalities, counties, and some judges will now have the authority to offer home-detention programs instead of jail time to eligible defendants. Secondly, the length of time for first time, non-extreme DUI offenders to use the DUI interlock device on their vehicles has been reduced from one year to 6 months. Lastly, this law abolishes the right of first time, non-extreme DUI offenders to have the option of a jury trial. Instead, this option will be replaced with an automatic bench trial. This means that criminal defense attorneys and their clients facing DUI charges will no longer be able to have their case heard in front of a jury, as their cases can only be heard in front of a judge.

As a DUI attorney, my number one concern is the future of my clients. I take each DUI case personally because I believe that people deserve a second chance. With so much on the line, I encourage you to make sure that you secure qualified representation before you walk into court for your arraignment. If you’ve been arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Arizona, know that you can look to the law firm of JacksonWhite for assistance. Our criminal defense team includes a former Arizona prosecutor who knows the ins and outs of our state’s criminal justice system. We offer free consultations at our various locations throughout the East Valley, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix. For more information, call (480) 818 9943 immediately.

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