Maricopa County Accountability Court: What You Need to Know


The Accountability Court in Arizona is part of the Maricopa County Superior Court system. Its function is to assist with the enforcement of unpaid child support and spousal maintenance orders, as well as other arrearages made within the family law spectrum.

By focusing on strict enforcement of child support and spousal maintenance orders, the Accountability Court makes it easier for families to adhere to arrangements and avoid costly and lengthy court proceedings.

What is the Purpose of the Arizona Accountability Court?

Put simply, the Accountability Court is considered a “problem-solving” court where families with one or more individuals in contempt of a previous arrangement can work out their respective issues. If a spouse fails to pay child support or spousal maintenance, for example, the ex-spouses could work out the matter in Accountability Court.

Typically, the court works with individuals who have failed to meet their arrangement requirements multiple times. Instead of every person that misses or pays late one particular payment, the court deals with people who are consistently in contempt of their arrangement.

What Happens in Accountability Court?

The court will hear the complications of the case and both sides of the issue will be given a chance to find a reasonable plan of action to pay down the amount of arrears owed. For those who fail to adhere to these arrangements, jail time is a possible penalty.

Spouses and parents required to be at Accountability Court must show up for periodic proceedings until their entire amount owed is paid. Any violation of the arrangement can result in further penalties. Additionally, those referred to the Accountability Court must follow basic civil court procedures.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Accountability Court?

Because of the complexities of some family law arrangements, having a lawyer for Accountability Court can only improve your chances of creating a successful arrangement. And because the rules of civil court apply, you’ll be required to follow the proper rules of evidence and procedure.

For these reasons, it’s highly recommended that you seek legal counsel. Family law attorney Timothy Durkin can provide the legal representation you need to put your family’s best interests forward. When you need aggressive counsel for your Accountability Court proceedings, let Tim Durkin give you the best chance of success.

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