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Transferring Medicaid From Another State to Arizona

Introduction Do you have questions about transferring Medicaid from state to state, or how ALTCS works in Arizona? Wondering whether all states have Medicaid

Can I Still Get Medicaid If My Employer Offers Health Insurance?

Introduction If your employer offers health insurance, can you still get Medicaid? Do you have to choose your employer’s insurance coverage, even if you’d

Arizona Long Term Care Plans

Introduction Looking for long-term care plans in Arizona? Wondering if ALTCS is the same as Medicaid? Whether you’re already receiving long-term care or think

Does Medicaid Cover Long Term Care?

Introduction Are you wondering whether Medicaid covers long-term assisted living or nursing home care for dementia? Need to know if you can get help

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Arizona

Introduction Are you looking to learn more about pet-friendly assisted living in Arizona? Curious about pet therapy benefits or therapy dogs in nursing homes?

Hospice Care Regulations in Arizona

Introduction Are you looking to learn more about hospice care in Arizona? Wondering exactly what “hospice care” means or how your family may pay

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