Land Use Litigation

Arizona Land Use Attorney

Land use law covers a wide range of complex legal issues, each of which are highly relevant to property owners, developers, and investors alike.  In many ways, property value is determined by how that property can be used, so land use issues are central to a great number of real estate transactions and business decisions.  Particularly given the complexity of zoning regulations, an Arizona land use attorney can help individuals in nearly every transaction that hinges on a particular use of land.

Prior to any real estate transaction, prospective purchasers or investors should consult with an Arizona land use attorney about any restrictions that may be on the land.  By assessing zoning regulations, as well as the rezoning history, a land use attorney can advise clients as to the types of land uses that are permitted.  Further, where relevant, a land use attorney can offer advice and clarification on federal and state legislation that might impact the property’s value.  Without the analysis and counsel of an Arizona land use attorney, parties to a real estate transaction may not make a fully informed decision.

Using Property for a New Purpose

Property owners who desire to use their property for a new purpose also have a great need for a land use attorney.  Property owners or developers in such a situation are almost always required to obtain approval from at least one government entity.  This may require them to seek rezoning, obtain a variance, amend the development’s master plan, or obtain a special use permit.  And to help with this process, they should turn to an Arizona land use attorney who can interpret the regulatory scheme, and counsel accordingly.

Putting Your Property to its Most Valuable Use

Even property owners who exercise due diligence sometimes run into obstacles when trying to put their property to its most valuable use.  But when conflict impedes development, land use litigation can sometimes help developers obtain the official approval they need to move forward with their plans.  Land use litigation can involve issues ranging from rezoning to interpretation of existing regulations, and its successful outcome depends heavily on the Arizona land use attorney’s experience and understanding of the relevant legal and political issues.

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