Court Approval for Minor Settlements in Arizona


When personal injury settlements are made to minors, they are treated differently than they are for adults. Arizona law requires that some personal injury settlements to minors be approved by the court.

Get the Best Chance of Court Approval

Insurance carriers typically want the court’s approval on any amount of personal injury settlement to a minor so that they can verify the extent of damages incurred. Because of this process, getting court approval for a minor’s settlement can be complicated and document-intensive. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to use a Mesa, Arizona personal injury lawyer for your best chance of court approval and success.

Partner with a Team Invested in Your Future

Instead of putting your minor’s settlement in the hands of a court with no help, partner with the team at JacksonWhite Law for superior legal counsel that can help you get the settlement approved. At JacksonWhite, we can also set up a conservatorship at the same time of seeking court approval so that when approved, your minor’s funds will be protected until they turn 18.

The Injury Settlement Process for Minors in Arizona

When your settlement is ready to be presented to the court, the team at JacksonWhite will take you and your minor to court, where you’ll answer basic questions about the settlement process, including whether or not you approve of the proposed settlement.

Once the proposal has been reviewed, the judge can approve the settlement and designate you the conservator of the funds. The funds in the conservatorship will then be invested in a five-star rated investment fund that presents low risk, but allows the funds to grow conservatively over time.

Do You Need Your Minor’s Settlement Approved?

If you need court approval for your minor’s personal injury settlement, contact the injury team at JacksonWhite Law. Led by attorney Jared Everton, JacksonWhite will help get you the compensation you and your child deserve.

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