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When your loved one dies, their estate is to be distributed by the probate court. This involves identifying your assets, paying off obligations, and guaranteeing that is properly distributed to heirs. Will or no will, if the estate is small, Arizona law may not have you to go through probate. Even if probate isn’t required, the beneficiaries will need to complete certain legal processes before the assets can be dispersed.

Probate is complicated — and the law is evolving constantly. Phoenix probate attorney Ryan Hodges can make the process as smooth as possible for you. Read below to learn more about the probate process in Phoenix.

Do I Need a Probate Attorney?

Because the probate process is so complex, hiring a probate attorney will make everything go much more smoothly. Unless you are an attorney yourself, it is almost always to your benefit to work with a probate lawyer

A More Efficient Probate Process

Probate is often difficult and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Phoenix probate lawyer Ryan Hodges is highly skilled in navigating the Arizona probate laws. Your attorney will let you know what to expect from the court, assist you in filing the relevant forms, and guarantee that the estate’s assets are divided properly. If you elect to self-file, you run the danger of being turned down by the court. A probate attorney will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Mediation for Family Conflicts

Unfortunately, family feuds over  assets and property are common. Sometimes it’s because the decedent died without a will or because there are doubts about the will’s execution. A probate attorney can help by negotiating settlements for existing conflicts in order to reach the right conclusion.

Representation in Court

Most wills allow for the distribution of an estate’s assets following a decedent’s death — but some situations are more complicated. If the will is challenged, the conflicting parties may need to go to court to find a resolution. While you may opt to represent yourself in the case of a contested will, Probate attorney Ryan Hodges will protect your rights.

Helping Heirs Reach an Agreement

An experienced probate lawyer can help feuding families resolve how to distribute estate assets. For example, if a house was left three siblings but only one of them wishes to live there, legal counsel can assist in resolving the situation. In the case of disagreements among heirs about their inheritance, a probate attorney can assist them determining a fair transfer of assets.

Formal vs. Informal Probate Processes

Depending on the situation, probate may be “formal” or “informal”. Most of the time probate is informal, which eliminates the need for a judicial hearing. Formal probate proceedings are more involved and often result in at least one hearing. Formal probate is required when a will is challenged or when probate is required but not filed within two years of the death. Multiple court hearings, motions and discovery, and depositions can all be part of formal probate.

Phoenix Probate Attorney Ryan Hodges

Ryan’s knowledge of probate law, experience in the profession, and dedication to his clients’ needs distinguish him as one of the finest probate attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona. Ryan has over ten years of experience practicing probate law in Arizona, and has assisted hundreds of clients with a variety of probate issues over the last decade.

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