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Arizona trust administration is a process that is triggered upon the death of a person who had created a trust. Unlike a will which provides simple instructions on how to distribute property to beneficiaries upon the death of a decedent, a trust is a complex legal arrangement that allows a trustee to hold assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

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The Role of a Trustee in Mesa, AZ

Trustees play a critical role in the management and distribution of a trust. When creating a trust, there are three main parties involved:

  • Grantor – This is the person who creates the trust and possesses the legal capacity to transfer property held under the trust.
  • Beneficiary – This is the person who benefits from the trust. Trusts can have multiple beneficiaries.
  • Trustee – This is the person who manages the trust. A third party may be named a trustee if the beneficiary is underage, is an elderly person that requires personal care, or is someone with a permanent disability that cannot manage their own affairs.

Trustees are tasked with making financial, legal, and administrative decisions to protect assets within the trust. A trustee must ensure that funds and assets are available for the purpose that they were intended for, such as to be given to beneficiaries or charities.

Some essential duties of a trustee include:

1. Taxes

A trustee is responsible for filing tax returns on behalf of the trust. This may require the trustee to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a taxpayer identification number.

2. Inventory

The trustee must identify and locate each asset listed in the trust. This process may require the trustee to obtain important documents for certain assets, such as a title or deed.

3. Valuation

In addition to identifying and locating assets, the assets must be valued to ensure that the appropriate taxes are paid.

4. Updating

The trustee becomes the new owner of any assets placed in the trust. This means that deeds for homes or titles for cars should be updated to reflect the trustee’s name.

5. Distribution

Some trusts are set up to allow beneficiaries to receive payments. In this instance, the trustee is responsible for making these payments.

Trust Administration Services in Mesa, AZ

In Arizona, trustees have many fiduciary duties, such as preserving trust funds, transferring assets to beneficiaries, and complying with state and federal laws. Due to the complexity of trust administration, many trustees rely on an experienced trust administration attorney.

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