How to File an Insurance Claim Against Someone Else


While being in a car accident is difficult and time consuming, understanding the process of filing an insurance claim against someone else is not. If you were involved in a car accident there are two different parties that you should contact as soon as possible. Your insurance company should know every time that you are involved in a car accident. However, you will also want to contact a car accident lawyer in Phoenix, especially if you have suffered an injury or fault of the accident has yet to be determined. There are many reasons that someone should hire a car accident attorney, with the benefits greatly outweighing the cost to hire one.

Information to Get From Your Insurance Representative

You should figure out through your insurance agent what exactly you are covered for. This includes knowing what your deductible is, and how long you have before your time limit on filing a claim expires. It is also good to find out your agreed rental reimbursement coverage if you are going to be renting a car while your own car is getting repaired. Something to keep in mind is that a time limit exists on making the actual claim and submitting the related bills afterwards. This varies from insurance companies, so to better understand how long you have to make a claim, speak with your company’s representative. Having all this information available to you will become valuable if you end up having to file a car accident lawsuit.

Filing an Insurance Claim

It is important to know how to file an insurance claim against someone else, or at least the first steps to hiring a personal injury attorney to take care of the hard parts for you. Getting hit by another vehicle on the road is awful, and puts you in a tough situation. Even if you have already filed your claim, it may be advised that you consult an attorney about the amount set by a claims adjuster after your accident.

Why You Should Work With a Car Accident Attorney

You may feel pressured to sign something quickly after an accident to get everything rolling faster, but that may be a mistake. What you may or may not realize is that often time insurance companies want to escalate the processing of your claim, in such situations they could be wanting to cover a lower amount of the accident then they should.

Every insurance claim or lawsuit is unique, and needs to be handled differently. A car accident attorney will help you through the investigative stage, evaluation, mediation, trial, and the settlement. The investigative staged involves taking photos and gathering evidence that could be presented with your case. The evaluation phase involves simply concentrating on getting well, and assessing how to proceed with filing the suit.

How JacksonWhite Can Help You

It is difficult to remember that even the safest drivers get in accidents. Half of driving is keeping your eye on all the other drivers on the road. At least two million people get injured in a car accident every year, and that is just in the United States.

Hiring a car accident attorney will save you so much headache and heartache in the end, and help you keep from making any costly mistakes early on. Attorneys cover a variety of legal problems from personal injury to liability disputes. Even additional compensation for any lost wages you may have missed out on while dealing with this unfortunate incident. Having somebody with extensive experience with these issues is monumentally helpful throughout the process.

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