Phoenix Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can sustain. When the spinal cord is damaged, individuals can suffer a host of complications, including loss of feeling, chronic pain and even paralysis or death. Acute medical attention is, without exception, required for those who suffer a spinal cord injury, and long-term health care is oftentimes required as well.

Many times, spinal cord injury victims are not to blame for the accident that caused their injury.  Spinal cord injuries can happen to unsuspecting victims in a variety of circumstances, ranging from traffic accidents to sports accidents. And when another person is to blame for the injury, victims should be compensated for their losses, pain and suffering. A Mesa spinal cord injury lawyer is best suited to help ensure that victims are fully and fairly compensated.

Cost of care issues

Spinal cord injuries can carry an enormous financial burden to victims and their families.  In addition to the initial hospitalization, there are rehabilitation and caregiver costs, medication and related medical expenses that victims must pay for.  Moreover, a large percentage of those who suffer spinal cord injuries are unable to return to work, creating an even greater financial burden.  All of these expenses need to be considered, and victims of spinal cord injuries who do not have legal representation run the risk of accepting a settlement that is significantly less than what they deserve.  An experienced Mesa spinal cord injury attorney can help victims recover compensation for their immediate and long-term expenses.