Boating Accident Statistics in Arizona


Each year, Arizona experiences an average of 107 boating accidents, according to the 2019 Recreational Boating Statistics. The most common causes of boating accidents include operator distraction and inattention. Excessive speed, operator inexperience, machinery failure, alcohol use, poor weather conditions, hazardous waters, and navigational rules violations are also common contributors. Although boating can be fun, it can also pose certain dangers.

Familiarize yourself with these important Arizona boating accident statistics to better understand the importance of proper boat operation and management.

Registration of Watercrafts in Arizona

In Arizona, individuals who own a motorized watercraft must file an application for a registration number, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. There are currently more than 124,055 boats registered in the State of Arizona. If an owner or operator of a watercraft is involved in an accident or collision causing property damage that exceeds $500, he or she must submit a written report to the AZGFD within five days. Any boating accidents that result in serious injury or death must be submitted within 48 hours.

Property Damage Caused by Boating Accidents

Data reported by USCG Boating Safety also shows the extent of damages caused by recreational boating accidents in Arizona. In 2019, boating accidents in Arizona accounted for $491,282 in damages. A total of 48 watercrafts were damaged during these accidents.

Types of Accidents Experienced

USCG Boating Safety also confirmed the most common types of accidents experienced by boaters in Arizona. The data names collisions with recreational vessels as the most common type of accident, accounting for 33 accidents in 2019. Flooding/swamping is the next most common accident type that caused 14 accidents, followed by grounding which caused 10 accidents.

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