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Are Do It Yourself Wills Legal?

Introduction In the state of Arizona, wills, trusts, estates, and protective proceedings are governed by ARS Title 14. Probate court and proceedings are also

Arizona Holographic Will Requirements

Introduction A holographic will is another term for a handwritten last will and testament. While some states don’t recognize holographic wills, the state of

Simple Handwritten Will Arizona

The executor (aka the personal representative) is the individual you nominate to manage your estate when you die. The executor will be tasked with

Estate Planning and Life Insurance in Arizona

Introduction An estate plan and life insurance plan are essential to not only prepare for the unexpected, but also to ensure that loved ones

Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

Do-It-Yourself estate planning, or DIY estate planning, means to take the services of a DIY provider and make your estate plan. The services provided

Stolen Inheritance Help

Introduction When someone passes away, the responsibility to distribute their assets and close their estate falls to a court-appointed personal representative. If the decedent

Estate Planning For Veterans

Introduction Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of your income or circumstances. Wealthy individuals and families will probably need a more complex estate

Estate Planning For Wealthy Singles

Introduction It’s a common misconception that estate planning for singles is any different than estate planning for spouses or people with children. Your actual

Estate Planning With No Heirs

Introduction Studies show that a majority of Americans don’t have a will or an estate plan. Whether it’s a matter of procrastination or the

Family Business Estate Planning

Introduction Most people can handle the bulk of their estate planning with a last will and testament, but business owners who require a succession

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