What does Dying Intestate Mean?

Dying intestate simply means dying without a will. While this may not sound very frightening, the consequences of dying intestate can be very damaging to you and your family.

If you die without a will in Arizona, your property will be divided according to Arizona’s intestacy laws. The laws are complicated, but basically, your property will be divided amongst your heirs, and the amount each heir receives depends on their familial relationship to you. So, if you want to pass a certain amount of your estate on to a particular heir, the laws may not distribute in the exact way that you intended.

Don’t die intestate; make it easy on yourself and your loved ones by creating a detailed will now. An experienced Arizona estate planning attorney can guide you through the entire process. By advising with a professional, you can be assured that your affairs are handled correctly and that your intentions will be followed after you pass. Call 480-464-1111 to schedule a consultation with AZ estate planning attorney, Dave Weed today.

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