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Does a Beneficiary Have to Share With Siblings in Arizona?

Introduction Many parents opt to divide their estates evenly among their adult children. However, the law doesn’t require that parents divvy up assets in

Can a Beneficiary Be a Trustee in Arizona?

Introduction It’s no secret that estate planning can be complex. Whether you’re creating your own trust or serving as a trustee for someone else,

Can You Transfer Assets Out Of An Irrevocable Trust?

Introduction There are many types of trusts, but the two most common are revocable and irrevocable. A revocable trust, sometimes referred to as a

What Expenses Can Be Paid From A Special Needs Trust?

Special Needs Trusts are valuable tools used to assist individuals with special needs to pay for everyday expenses that are not covered by any

How Does A Living Trust Checking Account Work In Arizona?

Introduction One of the most commonly used and most important documents in estate planning is a last will and testament that itemizes all of

Understanding the Difference Between a Trustee and an Executor

Introduction If you die without a will, Arizona state law will determine who inherits your money and belongings, and it might not be according

Does a Trust Have to File a Tax Return in Arizona?

Introduction It’s natural for people to want to protect their loved ones after they’re gone. A way of safeguarding the future, trusts allow individuals

Can a Trustee Withdraw Money From a Trust?

Introduction Trusts aren’t just employed by the wealthy. On the contrary, individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels set up trusts

What Is the Downside of an Irrevocable Trust?

Introduction Trusts are commonly used to determine how a person’s assets should be managed and distributed before and after death. Revocable trusts are created

How Long Does a Trustee Have to Distribute to Beneficiaries?

Introduction Handling assets in a trust is a major commitment that involves the management of assets until beneficiaries reach legal age. Trustees have a

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