Three Ways to Draw Attention to Your Arizona Small Business

Running a small business can be extremely different from working in a large corporation. Two major differences are the available resources and the ability to lean on a team.

Oftentimes, those employed in a large company can usually find the help and answers they need without leaving the company network. Most small businesses don’t have this luxury, and it’s up to the independent business owner to generate results.

One important result to generate is visibility. Forbes recently released three great ways to establish this visibility and gain attention for your small business.

Use traditional media outlets to gain exposure. When sharing a press release, it’s best to share a story they don’t expect to hear. A great example would be to volunteer and issue a release about the company and how your helping the community. Or highlight upcoming anniversaries or an employee’s exceptional work. An important key is to keep the release from being exclusively about the owner.

Volunteer in your community. For those individuals who specialize in service expertise such as taxes or visual merchandising, they can contribute their talent to the community or a charity. While volunteering, there is a great opportunity to meet new individuals. This also gains great visibility of the business to the community. During the volunteer process, be sure to include the company logo for brand awareness.

Get customers’ attention by partnering with other businesses in your industry. Like-minded is very different from competitive. When individuals partner with like-minded companies, they gain attention from those who fit into their target market. An example of this partnership would be a wedding dress shop partnering with a wedding planner, florist, or caterer. This partnership is easy, because it is a win-win situation for everyone; both sides of the partnership gain attention for their business.

Visibility is important for any company, big or small. With visibility comes attention, and attention leads to customers. Apply these three tips and see how your company can grow!

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