Slips and falls are some of the most common personal injuries that occur. Each year, falls affect millions of Americans, and of these cases, many represent situations where the person injured may be entitled to compensation because of the negligence of the property owner.

Read more about slips and falls and how often they affect our daily lives.

National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

  • Fatalities from slips and falls are equal between men and women, though a higher percentage of women experience fatal falls.
  • Falls are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims and occupational injuries for workers aged 15 to 24.
  • Slips and falls are the leading cause of work days missed due to injury.
  • Slips and falls account for more than one million ER visits each year.
  • Overall slip and fall compensation industry is estimated to be $60+ billion.

National Safety Council (NSC)

  • Falls are the second-leading cause of non-intentional deaths in homes and communities.
  • This included more than 25,000 fatalities in 2009.
  • Each year, falls result in more than 8 million emergency room visits.
  • One in three adults over 65 years old falls every year, many times leading to significant injuries, including bruises, dislocations and broken bones.
  • Most falls happen in homes and other private property.
  • Contrary to popular myth, exercise can reduce falls rather than cause them because the body is used to more intense physical activity.
  • Nearly 19,000 adults 65 years or older died from falls in 2007.
  • Older adults who participate in physical activities have been proven to be in some cases 35 – 50 percent less likely to fall.
  • Worker’s compensation claims from slips and falls in the workplace total $70 billion each year.
  • 95 million work days are lost each year due to falls.
  • Average expenses incurred from a slip and fall accident is over $20,000.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Falls accounted for 11 percent of men’s fatalities on the job, and 5 percent of women’s.
  • 22 percent of fall injuries resulted in a worker missing more than one month of work.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • More than one million Americans slip or trip each year
  • Over 17,000 of these result in fatalities
  • Same-level falls are more common, while elevated falls involve more serious injury
  • 20 to 30 percent of falls result in “moderate to severe” injuries
  • Slips and falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries
  • Most slips and falls caused by slippery walking surfaces

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