Pima County Dog Laws


If you have ever had to battle your way through the legal system, you are probably well aware that it can be quite a labyrinth of procedures, laws, and regulations. This is especially true when you are dealing with ordinances and policies created by a county or other local agency. Understanding all of the nuisances and rules you have to follow and know can be a challenge and that is no different when when it comes to Pima County Dog Laws.

Pima County Dog Laws

The vast majority of laws that govern pet ownership in Pima County are actually created by the county itself. While dog bite laws and animal cruelty to canines are covered at the state level, Pima County has added a whole series of laws that relate to pet ownership, treatment of animals, and liabilities related to your pet. It is important to know these things because even if you do not have a clear understanding of how the law operates, you are still liable for ensuring that you are abiding by the ordinances and guidelines set up by the County. This puts you in a rather precarious situation if you are not fully comprehending exactly what the laws require.

Pima County Noise Ordinances

Pima County has created a series of laws to ensure that your dog is safe within the community and it is not a nuisance to your neighbors or community as a whole. For example, there are ordinances that  govern such things as the noise that your dog creates, including barking and howling, which make you liable for your dog’s actions. These can result in such things as a ticket or fine, where repeated nuisance violations like this can result in extensive finds that become quite costly over time.

Pima County Leash Laws

Leash laws are another important ordinance covered by Pima County. Your dog is expected to be on a leash whenever it is out of your house or yard area. This is not only a protection from your animal, ensuring that it does not run out in the street and get hit by a car, but also protects other dogs as well as people that may come near your pet. Failure to do so often result in a hefty fine.

Dog Yard Escapes

You should also know that you become liable if your dog somehow escapes from your yard or home. This is, in fact, one of the primary means by which people find themselves liable for the actions of their pet. While they are away at work or out somewhere else, the animal figures out a way to get out of its yard and begins to cruise through the neighborhood. If discovered by the police or another governmental agency, you can face the hefty fine as well as have to pay to have your dog return to you from the animal shelter.

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