A personal injury lawsuit is when someone seeks compensation for an injury that was caused due to the negligence or intentional act of another person or company. For example, a driver that receives a whiplash injury from being rear-ended by another car. There are several different types of personal injuries that can lead to a lawsuit and this page covers the most common cases our personal injury team works on.

While these are the most common types of personal injury cases, our attorneys represent every kind of personal injury. If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence or an intentional act, you may be entitled to compensation. Give JacksonWhite a call at (480) 467-4392 or fill out a form for a free consultation.

Personal Injury from Car Accident

Car accidents are by far the most common personal injury case in the United States. With millions of drivers on the road today, the amount of accidents and injuries resulting from accidents continues to increase. According to ADOT in 2016 there were 126,845 car accidents in Arizona with 56,636 (or 45%) resulting in injury.  These accidents are usually caused because a driver was distracted or not following the rules of the road.

Getting injured in a car accident can not only traumatic, but it can be very expensive as well. While insurance can cover the damages to the vehicle, often time’s accident victims are left covering medical expenses and have to take time off of work to recover.  These expenses can add up quickly and if you were the victim of an accident why should you have to pay for it?

Learn more about how hiring a car accident attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve.


Injured in Motorcycle Accident

While riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and even an economically sound way to commute, the fact remains that motorcycle riders are more likely to be seriously injured or killed than drivers involved in auto accidents and truck accidents. Without safety features that a car would be equipped with, such as seat belts and airbags, motorcycle riders are much more susceptible to injury. The two most common types of motorcycle accidents are from road hazards and other driver’s negligence.

Find out how our motorcycle accident attorney can help with the obstacles riders face after being involved in an accident.


Commercial Truck Accidents

Being the largest vehicles on the road, operating a semi-truck comes with its own set of dangers. When trucking accidents occur they tend to do some serious damage to whatever they come in contact with. With this being the case, trucking accidents usually produce more severe injuries then the average car accident.

More severe injuries typically means a longer recovery time, taking months or even years to fully recover. Having such a long recovery time usually means that there will be several trips to a healthcare center. There is also the possibility that the injury can keep the victim from work, depending on insurance coverage this would mean missed wages.

These expenses can add up quickly and you should not have to deal with them alone. Our experienced personal injury team will make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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Pedestrian Road Accidents

As the amount of distracted drivers grows so does the likelihood of being involved in an accident, even as a pedestrian. Most pedestrian accidents occur in places like neighborhoods, metropolitan areas or shopping centers. As a pedestrian coming in contact with a vehicle that is even traveling at 10 mph can cause serious injuries and in some cases, death.

Some insurance companies give coverage to people that are hit by vehicles. However, the costs associated with injuries from being hit by a car can be substantial. This includes hospital/doctor visits, changing lifestyle and missed wages or work opportunities due to the injury.

Recovering from being hit by a car as a pedestrian can be a physically and financially draining experience with the possibility of never fully recovering. If this has happened to you or someone you love, consider hiring our personal injury attorney. Feel comforted knowing that our skilled personal injury team will passionately fight for what you deserve.

Learn more about auto pedestrian accidents.


Pedestrian Bike Accidents

Flat surfaces and long stretches of pavement makes Arizona an ideal place for cycling both recreationally and as a means of commuting. Although the presence of bikers is growing on the road, the awareness of drivers continues to be an issue. Even the most cautious of cyclists are at risk of being put in a situation where a crash is unavoidable.

The most common dangers cyclists face are vehicles turning in front of them, road rage and open door bicycle accidents. All of these circumstances present a high risk of injury to the cyclist if there is a collision. Due to the nature of the accident, cycling accidents are usually more severe than a regular car-on-car accident.

Learn more about how a phoenix bicycle accident attorney can help you if you have been injured in an accident.


Medical Malpractice Injury

Medical malpractice injuries occur due to mistakes made by doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals. Malpractice does not solely have to do with a surgical error, it could be something as simple as a misdiagnosis. Injuries received from malpractice are typically extremely serious and often times result in death.

Seeing a healthcare professional comes with the trust that they are going to make the correct decision in terms of your healthcare. When they do not, the result can be deadly. Whether the injury you received was due to a surgical error, a misdiagnosis or improper treatment, you should consider filing a medical malpractice claim. The cost of receiving a medical malpractice injury is tremendous, having the capability of effecting you for the rest of your life.

Learn more about medical malpractice injuries and how hiring a personal injury lawyer can make sure that you and your family are justly compensated for your loss.


Dog Attack Injuries

Often times when a dog attacks it only lasts a few moments, but the resulting injuries can be devastating. While there are certain breeds of dogs that are more prone to attacking, any breed is capable. More often than not this is due to the owner’s negligence of the animal or putting them in a situation where an attack is more likely to occur.

Recovering from a dog attack can be a traumatic, expensive and time consuming process. While both adults and children are capable of being victimized by a dog attack, the recovery process is typically longer for a child. The attack is capable of causing both physical and psychological harm, both of which should be taken in to account if pursuing to file a lawsuit.

Learn more about Arizona dog bite laws and how our passionate personal injury team can help you recover from an attack.


Slip and Fall Accidents

When a store welcomes customers onto its premises it comes with a duty to keep those customers safe. A customer has a valid legal claim if hurt while on the property due to the negligence of the store or was an intentional act of an employee. Slip and fall accidents can be difficult to prove fault, which is why hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer would greatly benefit the victim.

One of the most common slip and fall accident claims s when liquid has been spilt on tile floor, causing the surface to become extremely slippery. A customer then walks through the area and slips, falls and becomes injured as a result. Depending on the situation, the business could be at fault for putting a customer in a dangerous setting.

Learn more about slip and fall accidents.


Product Liability Injury

Injuries from a defective or dangerous product happen to thousands of Americans every year. Product Liability laws are put in place to protect consumers from being held responsible if they’re injured using a product they purchased. These laws differentiate from other common personal injury laws and increases a victim’s chance of winning a legal case.

Typically, product liability law is determined at the state level. Determining a responsible party comes down to how the product was sold in the marketplace and the use of the product. However, if you received an injury from a defective product you do not have to be the person that purchased it.

Learn more about product liability.


Wrongful Death Law Practice

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult situations a person has to face in their lifetime. If that death was due to the negligence or intentional act of another person or company, the pain can be immeasurable.

Unfortunately, these situations also often times present the family with funeral expenses and medical bills. Having to deal with the loss of a loved one is already hard enough to deal with, when you factor in everything else it can start to become overwhelming.

Our empathetic wrongful death attorney will fight to make sure that your family is justly compensated for your loss. We understand how difficult dealing with a wrongful death lawsuit can be and make this part of the recovery process as simple as possible.

Learn more about wrongful death and how JacksonWhite can help you.


Burn Accident

Dealing with an accidental burn injury can be a painful and complicated process. Burn injury laws are different from other personal injury cases, because they often times can include various types of personal injury practice areas. When looking for a burn injury lawyer make sure they have experience in product liability, premise liability, workers compensation and construction law.

A majority of burn injury cases are either due to a defective product, a negligent person or an accident in the workplace. All three of these situations require a different approach legally, which is why a victim will want an experienced all around personal injury lawyer on their side. Our attorney not only has a considerable amount of experience dealing with burn accidents, but also covers a wide range of personal injury practices.

Learn more about how our talented personal injury lawyer, Jared E. Everton, can help you with your burn injury.


Swimming Pool Injuries

With temperatures soaring in to the 100s and above during the summer, having access to a swimming pool has almost become a necessity to Phoenicians. Although swimming can be one of the best ways to beat the heat, it also presents a set of dangers. The potential for injury varies from slip and fall accidents, improper care and maintenance, rough playing and drowning.

Swimming pool accidents are not as uncommon as one might think, particularly when it comes to children. There should always be someone supervising a child near a pool, leaving them unsupervised dramatically increases the chances of injury or even death. There are both economic and non-quantifiable damages that are associated with these injuries.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a swimming pool accident, we recommend consulting with our experienced personal injury lawyer, Jared E. Everton.

Learn more about swimming pool accidents.


Negligence and Duty of Care

A personal injury case originates either by the intentional act to cause harm or an accident that resulted in injury. If the injury came from an accident, it is up to the judge to decide which party is at fault for the accident. Negligence and duty of care law is used to determine how each party contributed to the accident.

Negligence refers to whether someone was acting carelessly therefore causing an accident to take place. While duty of care refers to a pre-determined responsibility of one of the parties involved in the accident.

For example, a driver is expected to exercise a heightened duty of care when operating a vehicle in a school zone.

Learn more about Negligence and Duty of Care.


Injuries at Birth

The birth of a child is often recognized as the most joyous moment of a parent’s life and thankfully a majority of deliveries go without any major problems. Unfortunately however complications can present themselves that potentially could lead to an injury to the newborn. Injuries to a newborn have an increased chance of causing the child continuous problems for years after birth.

Birthing injuries can vary from minor to life-threatening, but they’re typically the result of two situations:

  1. The doctor’s failure or inability to asses or respond to a situation
  2. Injuries due to prenatal care

If your newborn child suffers an avoidable injury at birth, it is important that you know the legal rights of both you and the baby. Learn more about injuries at birth.


Injuries during Sports

Injuries in sports don’t just occur to the professionals we see on TV, thousands of people are injured every year in sporting accidents. These accidents can occur at pickup soccer games, playing sports for a school team or even at your local gym. If the injury was a result of another player’s intent to cause you harm, you may be able to take legal action to receive compensation for pain and suffering or loss of wages.

Health insurance will typically cover most of the costs associated with visiting a doctor, but if the injury is extensive this can start to get expensive quickly. Working with a knowledgeable sports injury attorney will make sure that you are not recover your losses but will ease your recovery process.

Learn more about sports injuries and how a personal injury attorney can help you.


Injuries on Construction Sites

Due to the nature of work, construction workers have an increased possibility of being injured on the job compared to the average person. Some of the most common types of injuries that occur on construction sites are falls, objects falling and equipment either failing. If you were injured on a construction site due to failing equipment, you may want to speak with one of our attorneys about product liability law.

Construction workers are aware that they are at a higher risk for injury than most people at their jobs. However, it should not be the responsibility of the worker to pay if injured due to the negligence of another employee or by the employer.

Learn more about construction site injuries.


Premises Injury

Premises liability refers to unsafe or unmarked areas of a business that caused someone on their property to become injured. Seeing as how a majority of personal injury cases come from negligence, premises liability is no different.

An example would be a wet area on the tile floor of a restaurant that is not properly marked by a sign. If someone on the property walks through this area, slips and falls and becomes injured, the business could be looking at a premises injury lawsuit.

Learn more about premises liability.


School Negligence

A school negligence injury is when a child is injured while on school campus or during a school activity. When dropping their children off at school, it is safe to say that most parents feel as if they are leaving their children in responsible hands. When the negligence of a faculty member results in a child being injured a parent may wish to file a lawsuit against the school district.

Before taking any action against a school district it is suggested that you meet with an attorney, these cases can be complicated. The reason for this being that every state has their own established rules about what a school district can be sued for.

Learn more about school negligence.

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