Burn Injuries

A Mesa burn injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation for burn injuries and all of the trauma that come with burns. Burn injuries range in severity, with serious burns being quite painful and difficult to treat. Victims of serious burns many times require hospitalization and numerous surgeries. Moreover, many burns can leave permanent scarring on victims. In addition to actual burn injuries, burn victims can suffer debilitating injuries from smoke inhalation, which can be even more devastating than the skin damage itself.

If you're the victim of a burn injury, you may be entitled to damages.

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Medical Treatment for Arizona Burn Victims

Victims of serious burn injuries commonly undergo skin grafting procedures as part of their medical treatment. This procedure involves replacing damaged skin with healthy skin from another point on the victim’s body. The skin graft can serve a cosmetic purpose, but more importantly it replaces damaged skin that can no longer perform its function of protecting the body. In many instances, skin grafting is necessary to the recovery and survival of burn victims. Medical treatments for burn victims can be very expensive and a Mesa burn injury attorney can help you get compensation for medical costs.

Almost without exception, skin grafting leaves scars on both the donor site and the implant site. These scars can require multiple treatments throughout the victim’s life. In severe cases, burn victims may even require ongoing medical treatment for the duration of their lives. On the other hand, other burn victims can achieve full recovery in a short period of time. Factors such as intensity of the burn, the portion of the skin that was burned and preexisting conditions all play a role in the length of recovery time for a burn victim.

Obtaining Compensation for Burn Injuries

Victims of burn injuries have unique issues that they deserve to be compensated for. With the help of an AZ personal injury lawyer, victims usually are better able to receive these compensations. Burn injuries are intense in nature, and many times require ongoing treatment for an indefinite period of time. In addition to serious physical pain, burn victims are many times overwhelmed with the emotional and financial harms that accompany the recovery process. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when seeking fair compensation for a burn injury. To ensure fairness, burn victims should only trust their case to an Arizona burn injury attorney who has experience in that area of law.


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