Fathers across the nation have turned to Jason Patric as a hero after his day in court. The 47 year old actor released a bold statement to “fight ‘til I’m dead” to see his 4-year-old. Patric and his girlfriend conceived a child. When the two separated, the judge denied Patric paternal right. This seems to be a shocking trend throughout the court system. Many men feel alienated from their ex-wives and girlfriends as courts assume mothers should have more rights.

Fathers Sue Utah

This past year a group of men sued the state of Utah in regards to their rights as biological fathers. Women in Utah are able to put their babies up for adoption without any consent from the biological fathers. In many cases these men did not even know their children were being adopted. Men claim the laws in Utah allow women to lie and deceive throughout the entire process. One individual, Christopher Carlton, was told his baby died shortly after birth. The Pennsylvania mother refused to tell him anything. He later found out the child was put up for adoption in Utah.

Many pregnant women find this opportunity appealing. Cases show that women have traveled to Utah to have the baby and secretly put it up for adoption. One male was told by his girlfriend she was ‘visiting family’. While in Utah she had the baby prematurely and secretly put it up for adoption. When the young woman came home without child, the man was heartbroken.

The Wrong Perception

The problem arises when these men want custody of the children. In the past, many women feared they would have to be alone after pregnancy or divorced. Many women have the opposite problem today; these fathers want to see their child. One father, Nikolas Thurnwald, spent 10 years and over $30,000 fighting for custody, but in the end he lost.  Court systems seem to have the perception that women are the true parent, and therefore deserve the custody or right. Many cases have shown a sway towards women over men. It is because of this fathers across the nation are taking a stand, demanding their rights to see their children.

Protect your rights as a father

As a biological father you have rights to see your children. If you feel you have been treated unjustly,

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