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How Does a Trust Work?

Introduction Setting up a trust is an essential part of estate planning. This useful document can help ensure your assets go to your chosen

What is a Transfer on Death Account?

Introduction It is typical for someone to worry about making sure their assets get passed to their loved ones when they die. While it

Arizona DNR Forms (Do Not Resuscitate)

Introduction Arizona law A.R.S. §36-3251 authorizes the Prehospital Medical Care Directive, which is commonly referred to as the Do Not Resuscitate or “DNR” form.

Does A Spouse Automatically Have Power Of Attorney?

Introduction While spouses inherently have certain rights and privileges to access joint property and make important medical decisions on their spouse’s behalf, there are

How To Get Power Of Attorney For Elderly Parents

Introduction If you are concerned that an elderly parent is losing the capacity to properly manage their assets and care for themselves, there are

Power of Attorney in Arizona

Introduction Almost everyone believes they will make their own decisions, and communicate them, for the remainder of their life.  However, many situations prevent people

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