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How Do Arizona Courts Determine When a Will is Not Valid?

Introduction If you’ve been chosen to be the executor of someone’s estate, how can you determine whether their will is valid? The court makes

Can You Amend Your Living Trust in Arizona Without an Attorney?

Introduction Can you amend your living trust without an attorney in Arizona? When and how should you do so?  Most financial experts say that

Can You Have Both a Living Will and a Living Trust in Arizona?

Can you have both a will and a living trust in Arizona? What are the differences between each? In order to create an optimal

Executor of an Estate: What is it and What are the Duties of an Executor?

Introduction Are you wondering about the duties and obligations of the estate executor? Confused about whether you get paid for the job and what

What are the Average Legal Fees for Settling an Estate in Arizona?

Introduction How much are the average legal fees for settling an estate in Arizona? There’s already so much to think about when it comes

What is a Trustee?

Introduction What does it mean if you’re a trustee? Every trust must have a trustee to carry out the wishes of the person who

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