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Life Insurance Policies Can Become Part of an Estate After Death

Introduction Many Arizona residents are covered by a life insurance policy. Whether the policy’s death benefit is $10,000 or $1 million, the point is

QTIP Trusts are a Popular Estate Planning Tool for Remarried Adults

Introduction QTIP trusts allow a married adult to provide lifetime income for their surviving spouse without jeopardizing the inheritance intended for children from a previous

Determining Who Can Be an Executor of an Estate in Arizona

Introduction When someone passes away, they’ll need an individual to act on their behalf in settling their estate. Arizona law refers to this individual

How Long Does it Take to Settle an Estate With a Trust in Arizona?

Introduction When an Arizona resident passes away, their estate will need to be settled through probate. Assuming the decedent left a will and none

What Happens When Siblings Start Fighting Over an Estate?

Introduction It’s not uncommon for siblings to fight over their recently deceased parent’s estate. This can lead to expensive and lengthy legal proceedings and

Are Wills Created in Arizona Valid Across State Lines?

Introduction There are a number of changes you need to consider when you move out of state, such as updating your address, voter registration,

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