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Dying Intestate in Arizona

Introduction Dying intestate simply means dying without a will. While this may not sound very frightening, the consequences of dying intestate can be very

Arizona Beneficiary Deeds

Introduction The last thing anyone wants to think about after a loved one has died is how their property will be divided. Unfortunately, this

Holographic Wills in Arizona

Introduction Have you taken the time to write your own will instead of having an attorney draft one for you? Will your assets be

Arizona Inheritance & Next of Kin Laws

Introduction If you pass on and don’t leave a will in Arizona, your closest relatives will receive your assets according to the state laws

How Much Does a Living Trust Cost in Arizona?

Introduction While estate planning is very important, it is also very confusing, and living trusts are no exception. Many individuals have misconceptions about this

Comparing a Trust to a Will in Arizona

Introduction Estate planning is essential, whether you have a great deal to leave or very little. Taking care of your affairs ahead of time

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