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What Should Be Included In a Will

Introduction It may be a morbid process, but writing a will is always a wise decision. It provides your family and friends with your

What Is a Blind Trust?

Introduction Before delving into the specifics of a blind trust, it helps to understand what a trust is and how they operate. A trust

Tenants in Common Rights and Liabilities

Introduction In Arizona, property law is governed by ARS Title 33. Joint or community property is covered in ARS 33-431. In a tenancy in

What is Estate Planning?

You already have an estate, whether you realize it not. Actually, almost everyone does. Your estate is made up of all that you own,

Estate Planning Checklist

Introduction What will happen to you and your loved ones once you become incapacitated or pass away? Estate planning involves anticipating and organizing the

How Much Does Estate Planning Cost?

Introduction When asked about whether or not they’ve set up an estate plan, many people will say that they can’t because it costs too

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