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Estate Planning With Foreign Property

Introduction If you ask an attorney about how to handle foreign property as part of your estate, the attorney will probably direct you to

Estate Planning For Aging Parents

Introduction Sometimes, the hardest part of estate planning for aging parents is breaching the subject in conversation. Nobody likes to talk about what will

Benefits of Estate Planning

Introduction Every American who is 18 or older needs an estate plan. Many people can suffice with a simple will, a durable power of

Estate Planning For Young Families

Too many young families put off estate planning. Considering what will happen when you die may be uncomfortable, but having a proper estate plan

Estate Planning For Pets

Introduction In the state of Arizona, trusts, estates, and protective proceedings are governed by ARS Title 14. According to the law, pets are treated

Estate Planning For Wealthy Arizona Families

Introduction Estate planning is essential for everyone, but it’s especially important for wealthy families. In addition to the standard features of an estate plan,

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