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Estate Planning for Gay Couples

Introduction While every American over age 18 needs an estate plan, gay couples face special circumstances that make it even more essential to put

Last Will and Testament in Arizona

Introduction In the state of Arizona, wills and intestate succession are governed by ARS Title 14 Chapter 2. Requirements of the Testator An adult

Setting Up a Trust in Arizona

Introduction It’s a common misconception that trusts are only intended for the wealthy. While a trust isn’t the best solution for everyone, it can

Stolen Inheritance Help

Introduction When someone passes away, the responsibility to distribute their assets and close their estate falls to a court-appointed personal representative. If the decedent

Arizona Last Will and Testament Requirements

Introduction When you die without a will, you die “intestate,” leaving your estate to the direction of the state’s intestate succession laws. Intestacy proceedings

9 Estate Planning Tips for Non-US Citizens

Introduction Estate planning can be a confusing process, and it’s especially so for non-US citizens. While citizens and non-citizens have access to the same

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