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Estate Planning Tax Strategies

Introduction If you’re unmarried, you can have over $5 million in assets without your heirs having to pay estate taxes. This could lead you

Trust vs. Will in Arizona: Which Do I Need?

Introduction Estate planning is essential, whether you have a great deal to leave or very little. Taking care of your affairs ahead of time

What is Considered Personal Property in a Will?

Introduction When someone writes a last will and testament, they usually bequeath real estate in the will itself, and address their personal assets in

What To Do If Executor Does Not Follow The Will?

Introduction In the state of Arizona, the probate process is dictated by the Uniform Probate Code (UPC) and regulated by Arizona Revised Statutes Title

Estate Planning For Large Estates

Introduction Estate planning is important for everyone, but it’s unquestionably crucial for large estates. In addition to the standard preparations for end-of-life care and

Estate Planning for New Parents

Introduction Becoming a new parent is an exciting time. It’s incredible how your world changes almost overnight, though sometimes those changes can feel overwhelming.

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