Do I Need an Attorney to Start a Small Business in Arizona?

One of the most popular questions regarding any legal matter is “Do I need an attorney for this?” Granted, there are occasions when you may be able to accomplish certain tasks without an attorney’s help, but starting a small business isn’t one of them. The money you spend on experience will save you time and hassle in the long run….

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5 Steps to Forming a Partnership in Arizona

When starting a business, you can choose to organize it in one of four general ways: a corporation, a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, or a partnership. A partnership is usually the default choice for two or more people if they do not wish to start an LLC or a formal corporation. Partnerships are generally easier and less expensive…

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6 Steps to Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Arizona

Forming a Limited Liability Company in Arizona has several steps. These steps include: Pick a Name for Your LLC The first thing you need to do when forming an LLC is to pick a distinguishable name. Arizona law states the name must contain the words Limited Liability Company, or one of its abbreviations (LLC, L.L.C., LC, and L.C.). You can…

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