Starting a Home-Based Business in Arizona

If you’ve thought about starting a business from your home in Arizona, there are critical steps you must first take before you begin your venture.

Zoning Rules

The number one issue people seem to have when starting a home-based business in Arizona is ensuring that they are complying with local zoning rules.  If the business is small, quiet, and doesn’t create parking and traffic problems, it’s usually legal.  Cities create and govern rules over what can go on in different areas, including if and what kind of business can be conducted in your home.  In order to ensure your compliance, obtain copies of your local ordinance from your city or county clerk’s office or your city’s homepage and read them carefully.   To check out The City of Phoenix zoning codes and ordinances click here.

HOA’s & CC&R’s

If you live in a community with an HOA, you will want to read over a copy of the CC&R’s to check for restrictions. If you do find restrictions in your CC&R’s, you must follow them; typically they are very clear and concise when it comes to what kinds of small businesses they will allow, if any, in a home within the HOA’s jurisdiction.

If you can’t find restrictions and decide to move forward, it is recommended that you let your neighbors know about your business.  By doing so, you can assure that your activities will not worry or inconvenience them.  It’s easier to discuss a problem and solution with a neighbor beforehand vs. your neighbors calling the city and involving local law enforcement.

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