Marketing Made Simple for Arizona Small Business Owners

Nowadays, it is so important for business owners to have a marketing plan that will stimulate customer faithfulness.  As soon as you familiarize with your customers’ needs, focus on your marketing efforts.  The following are tips on how to get the most out of your marketing money:

  1. Have an accessible website.  Make sure customers can effortlessly locate your website by enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO).  In other words, raise your ranking on Google and other search engines.  To accomplish this, weave three to four keywords into each website page.  Google AdWords: Keyword Tool can help you generate keywords.
  2. Check your print advertising.  Check the effectiveness of your newspaper ads and fliers by offering a discount for customers who mention the ad when they come into your store.  If printed ads aren’t working, consider printing a smaller advertisement or using another marketing strategy.
  3. Use e-marketing.  Contemplate using customized e-mails to send advertisements to particular customer groups.  It is important that each e-mail regularly constitutes and acknowledges the integrity and professionalism of your business.  So limit the number of e-mails you send.  Contribute to your database of customer e-mails by including e-mail collection into everyday business operations.  For instance, every time a customer buys something from your business, an employee should ask for their e-mail address to share regular updates and promotions.  Make sure customers can easily join your e-mailing list and unsubscribe from it if desired.
  4. Begin connecting.  Social media offers an avenue for small business owners to start connecting with their customers.  Being able to immediately connect and communicate with current and potential customers will help you, as a business owner, receive positive and negative feedback that will help you improve. And the best thing about social media marketing is that it’s free!

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