The Momager to the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner both filed divorce documents on Monday after being separated for some time. The two decided the division of the $225 million dollars. For most of their married life their finances were kept separately. This was considered unusual because there was no prenuptial agreement, but it seemed Bruce did not care about the separate accounts.

Divorce Agreement
Kris will keep the Hidden Hills mansion while Bruce will reside in the Malibu mansion. Bruce purchased the home located in Malibu after the two have been separated.

Things got messy when discussing Kris’ financial stake in her daughters business interests. There are many “business interests” the Momager oversees. Bruce was awarded $2 million then agreed to waive any future claim against the endorsements.

In total, Bruce will receive $20 million in cash and Kris with $50 million. They also got to keep their luxury cars. Kris kept the Rolls Royce, two Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover, while Bruce kept two cars including a Mercedes. Kris was able to receive more “because of her momager status” explained one source.

They also have various investments and retirement funds totaling in $10 million each. Since it seems Bruce will be set for life, Kris asked the judge to terminate Bruce’s ability to ask for spousal support. Kris also made the requested that the date of separation be stated as June 2013. With the date June 2013 all earnings since then would not be a part of the settlement.

Divorce Attorney
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