Statistics in the U.S. alone state that 40%-50% of first time marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Divorce has always been a present force in America, but it’s now part of the nation’s pop culture. What are the main reasons for this culture difference from the way our grandparents were raised, and when should you seek a divorce lawyer in Mesa, Arizona?

Common Reasons People Divorce

There are several key reasons many people consider for divorce. As contemporary couples peel away the emotional baggage, they dive into more and more layers of regret. Unfortunately, few couples have the ability or interest to talk through their problems and get back on track.

Besides the common infidelity and abuse categories, lack of communication is at the top of the list for ending a marriage. Loss of identity is next, especially for couples that marry in their early twenties or right out of school without finding themselves or experiencing life outside of couplehood. Less education and financial troubles are two other reasons for divorce that go hand-in-hand. And that leads to premarital cohabitation and premarital pregnancy. Parenthood changes relationships, and if they’re not strong to begin with they’re doomed to fail.

Researchers have proven that couples with no religious affiliation, or those with different affiliations, are more likely to divorce. And even one partner from a divorced household can increase chances for their own divorce significantly. The more divorces your parents had, the more likely you are to follow suit. So then, what should you do once you know your relationship is over?

Talk to a Divorce Lawyer

Couples usually know when they can’t or simply refuse to work as a team any longer. But sometimes things aren’t as bad as they seem. A competent divorce lawyer will ask important questions to dig to the heart of the situation and see if there’s anything salvageable buried beneath the rubble.

Every once in a while there’s a gem waiting to be uncovered. Either way, divorce changes lives and you need to be prepared for the future. Your divorce attorney can help you with child custody, alimony and support needs, the breakdown and splitting of finances and property, and so much more that you need for security. Even if you’re childless and have a civil relationship right now with your soon-to-be ex, things can get heated without warning. Talking to a lawyer can keep things smooth and on track throughout the procedure.

How to File for a Divorce in Arizona

Arizona is a no-fault divorce state. This simply means that no proof of blame or responsibility needs to be provided for the divorce. However, there will need to be a sworn admittance that the marriage is broken beyond repair before the paperwork can be issued and filed. In some cases, couples decide they can make things work after all. In most cases, they continue with the divorce proceedings.

To get a divorce in Arizona, at least one spouse must have been a resident of the state for a minimum of 90 days or have been stationed through the armed forces in the state for at least 90 days. The paperwork may vary slightly from county to county, so your divorce lawyer in Mesa, Arizona will be the best source for top of the minute legal requirements. The petitioner (spouse filing for divorce) must file a petition for divorce with the Clerk of the Superior Court in his or her county of residence.

The petition is a formal request for legal termination of the marriage and court issued financial orders dealing with custody, child support, alimony, debts, property. Besides the petition, the petitioner is expected to file a summons notifying the other spouse of the divorce; a right to convert health insurance so shared health policies may be adjusted; preliminary injunction to pause all unnecessary spending or power plays with kids or property; and notice to creditors which advises each spouse about the responsibilities regarding the debts they acquired during the marriage. These are just the current forms required across the state. Your divorce lawyer in Mesa, Arizona will have access to all requirements to keep your head above water throughout the process.

How to Stay Positive During a Divorce

Divorce is often one of the hardest parts of life. That’s not always the case, but many people find that stage especially difficult. Erratic arguments can cause that glowing angel or handsome prince you married suddenly sprouts horns and spews threats and verbal abuse that make you wonder who or what in the world you lived with all that time. It’s an unfair emotional entanglement that can lead to depression and strains of betrayal few can comprehend. The opposite is true as well. Divorce can pull on your heartstrings and lead to a lifetime of regret based on a momentary emotional decision. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Plan how to manage your emotions. The last thing any couple determined to divorce wants is a surprise hookup or unexpected family addition due to loneliness.

Stay organized. Life goes on. Kids still have school and soccer games, you still have work and social commitments, and bills still need to be paid. Focus on the present day-to-day activities that need to be performed so a better future can evolve.

Don’t play scapegoat or the blame game. It’s often easier in life to just roll over and let someone else have their way. This feeling is multiplied during divorce. The opposite end is also true. Suddenly everything is the other person’s fault. Kids can easily enter the picture here before you realize it. Avoid blaming your spouse and never blame the kids for what’s currently going on. This too shall pass and you’ll be a healthier and better person in the long run.

Meet with therapists if necessary. There is nothing wrong with needing to talk to a non-partisan advisor. Your divorce attorney can help set up appointments with competent professionals who can help release some of the pent-up emotions keeping you from moving on.

Follow your attorney’s advice. It may seem strange to think first as opposed to attack or let something specific slide in a meeting. But if your attorney suggests something, it really is for your benefit.

Every relationship is different and there is no such thing as a perfect divorce. Unless your divorce is a cut and dry dissolution with absolutely no hitches and complete agreement on both ends, a divorce lawyer in Mesa, Arizona is likely necessary. Even if it is a simple matter and agreed upon prior to filing, things can quickly change. Why take the risk?

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