Family Law Services

Divorce Services

In Arizona, divorce issues are often complicated and frustrating. With the right family law attorney, however, your legal journey can be a positive experience. We understand how unpleasant divorce proceedings can be, so we’re committed to defending your interests when it matters most.

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Child Support and Custody Services

No matter what issue you’re facing with child support, whether it’s having a payment arrangement enforced, or having your payments become more manageable, we can help. Our award-winning family law team has years of experience helping manage child support arrangements that work for our clients and their children.

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Spousal Support Services

When divorce leads to a situation that makes it difficult to remain financially stable, spousal support offers support and structure in your next chapter of life. At JacksonWhite, we can help you reach a financial arrangement that makes it easier to manage your financial burdens after a divorce.

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Prenuptial Agreements Services

In today’s world, protecting your interests and assets is an important part of getting married and starting the next chapter of your life. For those couples who want to legally protect themselves for the future, a prenuptial agreement is an ideal way to do just that.

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Divorce Mediation Services

In some cases, a contested divorce simply isn’t needed – especially if both parties are able to come to mutual agreements on how to handle their separation. If you’re interested in a divorce process that’s less stressful and challenging, divorce mediation may be an excellent opportunity to streamline your legal path.

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Relocation Services

When one parent decides to relocate after a divorce, there may be custody, visitation and support rights that need to be managed before the move can happen. We understand how difficult this process can be, so we work diligently with clients to protect their rights as parents and ensure that they enforce their legal rights as guardians.

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Additional Family Law Services


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