It has been twenty years since the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  But since then, there has been a growing awareness of domestic violence and its effects.

According to Rita Smith, the Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, before the 1994 murders, “we were struggling to get people to understand what domestic violence was…now that term, domestic violence, is something that most people understand.”

Instances of Domestic Violence with OJ and Nicole

During the trial and after, it became well-known that OJ Simpson, the husband of Nicole and the man charged then acquitted for her murder, had abused her during their marriage.  According to Kris Kardashian in an interview with Dateline, Nicole had told her that “things are really bad between OJ and I, and he’s going to kill me.”

It was also found that in 1989 on New Years, Nicole called the police on OJ after she had received a bruised lip and cut.

Domestic Violence Awareness Today

When it became public that Nicole and OJ Simpson had an abusive relationship, it prompted women to act.  The number of domestic organizations increased. In addition, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act in 1994 where a large amount of funding from the federal government supported these domestic organizations and their causes to prevent further violence.

It is now known as well that domestic violence can lead to murder.  In a 2013 World Health Organization report, it found that 38% of women are murdered killed by their partners and 42% of women who were abused had been abused by their partners and seriously injured. While Nicole’s and Ron’s deaths were both tragic and devastating, it has brought awareness to domestic violence and began a movement to prevent any more violence against women from occurring.

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