Child support is provided to make sure that the needs of the children are being met. Unfortunately, many parents get a divorce and believe that they should not be obligated to pay to care for their children. There are various reasons for this, but most commonly it is because the relationship between the mother and father has become so bad that one does not want to give the other money. Or perhaps the child is the result of a one night stand or of a short-term relationship and one parent does not see a need to pay for the support of a child when the child came from a relationship that they have no intention of continuing.

This situation is all too common, especially when a baby has been the product of a relationship that has lasted less than a few weeks. The parent who will not be keeping the baby, usually the father, feels little to no obligation to support a child when they don’t really want to be around the other parent at all.

The Well Being of the Child is Most Important

While some relationships are like this and people focus more on their relationship than the child, the truth is that the child deserves better. While the parents may not want to be around each other, the child needs a mom and dad. Unfortunately, in a relationship that comes to an end or in one where there was not much of a relationship at all, the child is the one that actually suffers the most. The child is neglected in numerous ways as a result, which can have long-lasting effects.

To resolve these kinds of issues and to ensure that the child has the best chance possible to grow and mature normally, courts will get involved and force a parent to pay support for the care and maintenance of the child.  While the state will provide assistance to the mother and child, the truth is that they expect the father to care for his child, whether he is enthusiastic about the idea or not. This is a responsibility that all parents bare and the courts expect fathers to help support their children, both financially and emotionally.

Being Civil Benefits Both Parties the Most

The court does not always have to get involved in these kinds of situations. There are many fathers who are more than happy to help support their children and provide for their needs. They contribute with a joyful heart, knowing their son, daughter or children are well cared for and that they played a part in making that happen.Working with the mother, they are able to come to an accommodation that ensures that the children are cared for.

This kind of agreement is not only beneficial for the parents, but is a great thing for the children as well. However, not every couple is willing to work together this way. A father may feel that he should not be obligated to make payments for child support and this is an instance where the court can get involved, and likely will. In fact, if social services gets involved in any way, you can be sure that the court will be taking an active role as well.

In this case, the court will dictate what the father will pay. They will determine an amount that is affordable while still making sure that the children are cared for. It should be noted that this is not the preferred way. Once you involve the court you make yourself responsible for whatever they determine, which is why it makes sense that you try to work out an agreement on your own.

What If Both Parents Agree to End Child Support?

There may come a time where the two parents decide that the time has come to end the support. Reasons for doing so vary, but typically this is done because the mother no longer needs the financial support of the father and wants to become solely dependent for the child. If this is the case, can the child support be stopped?

The answer is that it depends, but yes it is possible. If there has been an agreement where support payments were made and this agreement was made between the two parents then altering any form of payment is easy to do. Since this was only between the two of you, it does not matter if you want to make changes. You can basically do whatever you wish.

However, if the court has become involved, then this is an entirely different story. In this case, you cannot end the support without the permission of the court, and the judge does not have to agree to this change.

This may seem unfair. Why should the judge be involved if there is an agreement made to end the support? It is a good question, but this is where you need to understand that when you involved the court, you removed a number of your own rights to make a decision about how support will work.

When the court gets involved, you let the judge be the final ruler of all decisions related to support and care of the children. This is why you need a judge’s permission to be able to end the support.

How JacksonWhite Can Help

If you find yourself at a point where you would like to end the support and there is an agreement with the other parent, you will likely find that a family law attorney can help to make that a reality. By coming to JacksonWhite, you can discuss the situation with an attorney and get some sound legal advice on how to proceed.

Should you decide to retain our services, we can work with the court to end the support and show that the other parent is fully on board with the decision. We have years of experience in these kinds of cases and are prepared to help you resolve this proceeding as quickly as possible.