An Arizona paternity action can be used to create a parent-child relationship and establish orders for child custody, child support and visitation of a child. An Arizona paternity action can be brought by one party to obtain help from another party in paying for certain expenses of the child. In some cases, an alleged father may require proof that he is in fact the child’s father before he agrees to pay child support. In instances where paternity is denied or proof is required, the court may order the parties to undergo DNA testing. Generally, DNA testing is the best way for an alleged father to prove that he is or is not a child’s true biological parent. Once the DNA testing is complete, and if paternity is confirmed, issues of custody, support and visitation will still need to be resolved between the mother and father.

It can be extremely challenging for Arizona mothers or fathers to handle the complexities of a paternity action on their own. The family law team at JacksonWhite has helped numerous parents in Arizona with paternity actions and other family law issues involving child custody, child support and visitation rights. Our Arizona paternity action attorney can guide clients through the entire process, from preparing and filing their paperwork to representing them in court.