Guide to the Arizona Estate Planning Questionnaire


Our estate is one of our most prized possessions. So, have you given it a thought? What about your estate, assets, or property after your death? Who will inherit it? Every state in the U.S. has its own laws and statutes for estate planning.

Similarly, Arizona too has its own set of estate planning legal issues. These laws are created in order to safeguard your interests and rights as well as those of your dear ones who have a stake in your estate or health. This guide will help you draft the estate planning questionnaire in Arizona before you get legal help.

Questionnaire for Arizona Estate Planning

Prior to employing the services of an estate planning attorney in Arizona, you must ask yourself some important questions related to your estate. You must consider the individual and particular needs of your family as well as your charitable desires.

  1. What does my estate consist of? You must note that an estate comprises of many things, including your material possessions as well as savings. It also includes things like your share in a business, timeshares, real estate, and debts. You must make a list of all your assets and possessions. This list should include your home, vehicle, and tangible products (jewelry, collections, etc.). This will aid you in planning your estate in a better way.
  2. What is the ownership of my possessions? This refers to how you own your possessions. Do you have full ownership or just partial ownership of your belongings? And, if it’s partial, who do you share them with? It may be your spouse, business partner, children, or someone else. Additionally, you must check if there is a survivorship clause or named beneficiary. By knowing these things, your estate plan can get the right direction.
  3. What will happen to my dependents if I die an untimely death? If there are people who are dependent on you, such as your spouse or children, then you need to mull over their long-term as well as immediate care in case you die today. Make sure you address the needs of your loved ones when you plan your estate. Communicate your desires in terms of who should take responsibility for your dependents after your death.

These are the questions that you must ask yourself before going to an estate planning lawyer in Arizona. No matter whether you reside in Tucson, Mesa, or Phoenix, you can examine this Arizona estate planning questionnaire.

Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona

After you have asked these questions to yourself, you can employ the services of a lawyer for estate planning in Arizona. An attorney can aid you in drafting your trust or will so that you can manage the way in which your assets are doled out to your chosen beneficiaries after you die.

Additionally, an attorney can aid you in exploring other estate planning tools so that you can disburse your estate in the best ways possible as per your individual requirements. In such a scenario, you can hire at attorney.

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