Child Support | How Much Will I Pay or Receive?

Protect your rights with a Mesa, AZ child support lawyer with the experience needed to effectively fight for you, and to safeguard your child’s future. At JacksonWhite Family Law, we know the importance of regular emotional and financial support from both parents in a child’s life and believe that divorce shouldn’t keep any child from a happy, healthy way of life. Unfortunately, child support issues can impact the entire family in a negative way, whether the negotiated amount is insufficient, parties are not able to come to agreement over the terms, or one parent is neglecting to make court-ordered payments.

Nobody intends to end up as a deadbeat mom or dad, and nobody would knowingly choose to let their child suffer. However, tens of thousands of children end up in dire financial circumstances each year, often because a parent is unable to make regular payments. Rather than seeking help from the court, many parents simply stop paying once the terms have been violated, and a warrant has been issued, causing pain and suffering for the entire family.

Child Support Attorney Tim Durkin in Mesa, Arizona

Minimize the conflict of divorce with the help of a knowledgeable & compassionate Mesa, AZ child support lawyer. At JacksonWhite Family Law, we take an aggressive approach to fighting for your rights, as well as for what’s in the best interest of any minor children. Whether you’re looking for an advocate in helping you get more manageable payments, can’t make your payments on time, or have a former spouse that has fallen behind on his or her obligations and left you in a difficult situation, we can help you resolve the issue quickly, quietly, and amicably.

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