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JacksonWhite has experience serving its business clients with outside intellectual property services, where we offer the commitment of a full time intellectual property department without the full time obligation. Our outside intellectual property service comes with constant and continued communication, a unique understanding of your intellectual property portfolio and much more.

Let our team become part of yours. The JacksonWhite intellectual property law team will:

  • Provide clients with the ability to have full time access to our intellectual property department without the cost of a full time employee.
  • Provide clients monthly intellectual property status reports.
  • Provide clients guidance on the clients technology specific intellectual property strategies.
  • Advise clients on developing in-house intellectual property procedures.
  • Provide access to other areas of law, such as contracts, employment, immigration, litigation and the like.

Top Reasons to consider Outside IP Counsel:

  1. Perspective – The in-house counsel sees what the company sees, while an outsider sees the varied work of a lot of clients. This sense of perspective is hugely valuable in framing intellectual property assets.
  2. Outside counsel costs less – JacksonWhite has access to a range of resources that goes well beyond the rates we charge. The software, the communications, the professional development, the insurance, and connections with other specialists are already developed into JacksonWhite’s costs. Going it alone means adding those costs on top of the costs of more staff – and that can really add up when all those expenses are accounted for.
  3. Outside counsel covers the work more efficiently – Working with JacksonWhite means not putting things on hold when someone goes on vacation or gets sick – we have a team that can cover the work.
  4. Attorney-client privilege – Oftentimes, in-house patent work may take the form of a patent agent, which will not cover attorney-client privilege. We at JacksonWhite always abide by the attorney-client privilege and will protect our clients.
  5. Should a dispute arise, outside counsel offers better protection – Perhaps there is a mistake made while using in-house counsel. A missed deadline or issues in the drafting. If you’re using outside counsel, then you will deal with the firm’s liability insurance and others in the firm to make things right, instead of defending your own office.

Our attorneys have worked with a wide range of technology businesses, including those who have offered innovations in the fields of semiconductors, software, RF power amplifiers, telecommunications networks, wireless communications, broadband networks, routers, switches, computers, medical devices, manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical industry. We are ready to get on board with your organization and show you the importance and value you of Outside IP Counsel.

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