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The business landscape is changing and intellectual property has an importance today greater than ever before. We are shifting away from a world where businesses’ assets were tangible, such as real property, materials and machinery. Now, three-quarters of a typical company’s assets are intangible. Whether a company has a need to evaluate competition or their own intellectual property progress or simply gain perspective of their market position, they turn to the intellectual property law team at JacksonWhite.

What is an Intellectual Property Audit?

An intellectual property audit provides an assessment of the intangible assets of a company. The audit helps to quantify the value of the intangible assets to the extent that such value depends on the legal right to those assets. The audit examines and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses in the procedures used to protect each intangible asset and secure appropriate intellectual property rights. Where necessary, the audit provides tools to develop additional processes, make improvements to existing processes, and take correcting measures to help ensure capture of future intellectual property rights.

Our Intellectual Property Audit services include:

  • Perform intellectual property audits involving a comprehensive review of intellectual property assets and the role of each asset in the client’s business.
    • Identify and monitor the client’s owned and licensed intellectual property.
    • Provide guidance on how to better understand the scope and value of the intellectual property rights.
    • Advise clients on how to manage these critical business assets to create competitive advantages, maximize revenue potential and reduce risk.

Legal opinions in intellectual property matters, whether they involve patents, trademarks, or copyrights, carry enormous weight in business decisions.

Our Legal Opinion services include:

  • Render patentability, right-to-use or practice, and non-infringement opinions relating to a client’s products or methods.
  • Provide opinions concerning the validity and invalidity of patents by our clients or their competitors.
  • Provide a validity or patent infringement opinion prior to beginning licensing negotiations or patent infringement litigation.
  • Provide guidance concerning the strength of a patent and the degree to which a third party’s product infringes the patent.

We are ready to help you evaluate your company, your competition and your potential acquisition.

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