After three years in court, US District Judge Thomas Griesa has decided that the company knowingly worked outside Copyright law. Warner Bros Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Arista Music and six other companies sued Grooveshark in 2011 for infringement. The site has been shut down and potentially owing $736 million to the major record labels.

Who doesn’t love a spoonful of Nutella? The sweet hazelnut spread has become a popular indulgence with chocolate lovers everywhere, but for one Park Slope restaurant it seems their indulgence has offended the Nutella parent company, Ferrero. The illicit Nutella

Everyone who tuned into the Super bowl witnessed the Half-Time show featuring Katy Perry. While Katy may have been the star, according to social media accounts across the nation, “Left Shark” stole the show. It didn’t take long for one

YouTube has reportedly paid out a whopping $1 billion to various copyright holders since 2007 as part of the Google’s Content ID program. Content ID Program According to Google, the program scans 400 years’ worth of content daily in efforts

Previously, individuals using clips of films, television shows, or songs could have been sued if they did not have consent. However, recent changes in UK legislation will change that. The new laws allow the use of the material as long

It has been over two decades since the merger of Naugles and Del Taco. With the merge in 1988, many of the Naugles changed to Del Tacos, and eventually died out. To this day, Del Taco claims there is a

A small brewery in New York has recently filed a trademark and the Star Wars fanatics at Lucasfilm are upset. The brewery, Empire, wants to trademark their ‘Strikes Bock’ beer. Lucasfilm fears the beverage would be referred to as the

Beyoncé Sued over ‘Drunk In Love’

According to an artist’s allegation, Beyoncé may be in a lot of trouble for the opening vocals of her hit, “Drunk in Love.” The song is a duet with the singer’s husband, Jay-Z. It opens with an exotic, gypsy vocal.

In 2006, Simba Toys contested the trademark reasoning for the world famous Rubik’s Cube. The German toy manufacture claimed that it is the toy’s technical capability that made it unique. They believed that the rotating ability was a technical solution

Apple Obtains Patent for New Display

With the new reveal of all things Apple it seems individuals are sending in their preorders for phones, watches, and more. Well, iPhone enthusiasts may have something more to look forward to! Recently, the US Patent Office released 47 new

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