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Learn more about and get help receiving K1 and K3 visas, victims visas, VAWA, U Visas, T Visas and S Visas.
Learn more about our Visa Services in Arizona.

DACA & Deferred Action

We assist with deferred action cases, a form of prosecutorial discretion not to prosecute or deport a foreign national (FN) for a specific period due to the presence of sympathetic factors, including cases with DACA protected children.

Learn more about our DACA and Deferred Action Services in Arizona.


Deportation Defense

The JacksonWhite immigration team can assist with defending clients in deportation cases including removal proceedings, adjustment of status, refugee/asylum, etc.

Learn more about our Deportation Defense Services in Arizona.


Immigration assistance regarding waivers for unlawful presence, criminal charges, fraud and misrepresentation, deportation and removal, etc.

Learn more about our Waiver Services in Arizona.

Citizenship & Naturalization

We help eligible legal permanent residents (LPRs) go through the naturalization process to become U.S. citizens.

Learn more about our Citizenship & Naturalization Services in Arizona.


Employment & Business Immigration

Obtaining a U.S. working VISA or business license can be a complicated process. We help clients quickly obtain the paperwork necessary to continue pursuing their careers and business ventures.

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