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According to the 2017 Current Population Survey, there are approximately 86.4 million immigrants and their U.S. born children living in America, 27 percent of the overall U.S. population. Due to immigration dating back to the New World, America has over time developed a rich tapestry of culture and diversity which should be celebrated.

At JacksonWhite, we recognize immigrants are a part of what makes our country great. For this reason we are dedicated to assisting individuals and families with their immigration issues in order to give families the best opportunities in the U.S. and help our country thrive.

Immigration Services


Learn more about and get help receiving K1 and K3 visas, victims visas, VAWA, U Visas, T Visas and S Visas.


Deportation Defense

The JacksonWhite immigration team can assist with defending clients in deportation cases including removal proceedings, adjustment of status, refugee/asylum, etc.


DACA and Deferred Action

We assist with deferred action cases, a form of prosecutorial discretion not to prosecute or deport a foreign national (FN) for a specific period due to the presence of sympathetic factors, including cases with DACA protected children.


Naturalization and Citizenship

We help eligible legal permanent residents (LPRs) go through the naturalization process to become U.S. citizens.


Employment and Business Immigration

Obtaining a U.S. working VISA or business license can be a complicated process. We help clients quickly obtain the paperwork necessary to continue pursuing their careers and business ventures.



Immigration assistance regarding waivers for unlawful presence, criminal charges, fraud and misrepresentation, deportation and removal, etc.


None of these apply to you?

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We understand that this process can be overwhelming, which is why our team is dedicated to providing attentive customer service and legal expertise from start to finish.  “

Pace Rawlins JacksonWhite Senior Associate

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Client Focused

We are genuinely interested in our clients’ lives and provide dependable client focused services helping you have peace of mind.

Flexible Pricing

Low-cost initial consultation, flat-fee pricing, payment plans and innovated billing methods make it easy to get started and plan ahead.


We’ve successfully represented clients in a range of immigration matters for nearly 20 years.

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We Look At the Law Differently

The JacksonWhite Immigration team is experienced, honest, and dedicated to protecting and strengthening families, businesses, and communities. For our clients, we are genuinely interested in their lives and diligent in providing dependable client-focused services. We will work hard to understand our clients’ objectives and then navigate them through complex legal processes in a timely, effective, and professional manner. Our firm is based on open communication, diversity, teamwork, mutual respect, loyalty, innovation and integrity. For our community, we build on a tradition of service and leadership promoting an increase in public awareness on important immigration issues and justice for all.



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The JacksonWhite Immigration Law Team

Pace Rawlins

Senior Associate

Pace Rawlins focuses his practice on family immigration, naturalization and citizenship, DACA, and deportation defense. Pace takes great pride in assisting adults and juveniles as they navigate through the challenges… read more

What our clients are saying

I am very grateful for immigration attorney Pace Rawlins who completed my citizenship process. Rawlins was outstanding since the first day, he filled out my forms, helped me collect documents, guided me at all times and even accompanied me to my citizenship appointment...

Paola AlbarranTelemundo News Anchor

My husband and I are grateful to have had Pace Rawlins as our attorney. We thank him for his guidance and support throughout our entire k-1 fiancé visa and green card process. Everything went so fast. The process would have taken longer without his legal services. He was very professional and efficient.

G. CoscaPhilippines

We met with Attorney Rawlins. He looked over my case and we scheduled and appointment with him. When the appointment date came Mr. Rawlins was so professional and gave us all the information about what he would need to file my application. He was very optimistic about my application and I knew that I would be approved...

M. ArellanoMexico

My petition was approved in 2000 on the 4th preference category therefore the waiting period was long. At first I kind of put it in the back of my head, but folded nicely the approval notification and kept it in my wallet as a reminder. An immigrant visa became available for me after more than 10 long years...

M. Majia

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